Archeological diseases cured!

Many archeologists suffer from a disease called, "Hittitus" and "Edomititus".

"Hittitus": Rejecting the history of the Bible as false until man can confirm it with his own eyes

"Edomititus": Rejecting the Bible's statement that Edom was a sophisticated organized nation of domesticated shepherds at the time of the Exodus.


For cure see: Edom


A. The cure for Hittitus first found in Boghazkoy!

At the turn of the century, skeptics viewed the Bible as myth rather than real world history . For example, the Bible makes over 40 references to the great Hittite Empire. You see, 100 years ago, no archaeological evidence had ever been found to prove it really did exist. "Just another Bible myth!" skeptics charged in an attempt to destroy our faith in the Bible. This, however, cannot be said today, for in 1906, Hugo Winckler uncovered a library of 10,000 clay tablets. These ancient records fully documented the long lost Hittite Empire and confirmed the reliability of the Bible. Later excavations uncovered Boghazkoy, the capital city of this "mythical" empire. These discoveries not only authenticate Scripture, but also illuminate many aspects of biblical culture. Abraham's purchase of Ephron's field records the following: "So Ephron's field, which was in Machpelah, which faced Mamre, the field and cave which was in it, and all the trees which were in the field, that were within all the confines of its border, were deeded over to Abraham for a possession in the presence of the sons of Heth." (Genesis 23:17), This reflects the standard Hittite real estate procedure of counting the trees involved in any purchase or sale of land. Note also that the witnesses to Abraham's purchase were the "son's of Heth" -i.e. the Hittites. Today, so many Bible cities, names and events have been unearthed through archaeology that the Bible is considered the single most important historical document in existence. Many lost cities have been located using the Bible as a road map. So startling and impressive are some of the finds that one archaeologist was compelled to say, "They are digging up Bible stories!" The shovel and spade have confirmed that the historical information of the Bible is both accurate and reliable. Skeptics once rejected the Bible's claim that the Hittite Empire existed until they saw the evidence with their own eyes. Today, skeptics reject the Bible's claim that God himself exists or that the Bible is a divinely written book. Perhaps the only way they will believe in God is after they have seen him with their own eyes when they stand before Him in the judgment day. Only, then it will be too late!


B. The Edomite Kingdom:

"Edomititus": Rejecting the Bible's statement that Edom was a sophisticated organized nation of domesticated shepherds at the time of the Exodus.

Cure: Bible medicine for Edomititus.



1.      Bible trashing minimalist archeologists once rejected the historicity of the Hittites and the Edomites but now we know they are wrong and the Bible was right all along!

2.      What we read in the book we find in the ground… it just may take a bit of time for man to discover it!


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