Roman Catholic Doctrinal evolution: Doctrinal flip flops
Baptism: No infant baptism till 4th century.

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Doctrinal flip flops

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Baptism: No infant baptism till 4th century.

No infant baptism till 4th century:

A. There is no command or example of infant baptism in the Bible.

C. The Roman Catholic church admits baptism by immersion was practiced till 1311 AD:

  1. "There is no express mention of the baptism of infants in the New Testament" (Question Box, p. 23).
  2. "It is difficult to give strict proof from the scriptures in favor of it. [infant baptism]" (Catholic Dictionary, p. 61).
  3. "Ecclesiastical custom with regard to the administration of Baptism has undergone a change in the course of history. Whereas the early Church baptized adults only, the baptism of children soon became the usual practice." (Sanford, Alexander E., MD, Pastoral Medicine: Handbook for the Catholic Clergy, 1904, p 32-33)
  4. "Where in the fourth and fifth centuries the doctrine of original sin became better known, the practice of infant baptism progressed rapidly." (Legislation on the Sacraments in the New Code of Canon Law, p. 72).
  5. "When all fear of persecution had passed away, and the empire had become almost entirely Christian, the necessity for a prolonged period of trial and instruction no longer existed, about the same time the fuller teaching on the subject of original sin, occasioned by the Pelagian heresy, gradually led to the administration of baptism of infants." (Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. V, p. 78).
  6. Infant baptism by immersion commanded of all infants in the Council Of Mela in 416 AD.

 Infant Baptism is Catholic but Un-biblical

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This is a valid baptism by full immersion of a believer. (adult)

Not even John Paul II can make right, an infant baptism by sprinkling, that is wrong according to the Bible!

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By Steve Rudd


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