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a missionary life, to forward the Christian cause by aids more valuable than thousands of silver and gold?

We would also impress upon those who are unable to help by writing, the duty which the more heavily devolves upon them of furnishing means for printing and circulating books already provided. We understand that Pfander's works are nearly out of print; and we strongly recommend that five, or, if possible, ten thousand copies of Mîzân-ul-Haqq, and two thousand of the other treatises, be struck off in Urdoo, with a reasonable proportion in Persian; for this, no doubt, extraordinary funds will be required, but surely the Christian public, when awakened to a sense of the magnitude and urgency of the object, will not be backward in furnishing them. At all events, in thus prominently directing public attention to the subject, we have discharged a duty towards one of the worthiest of men and one of the noblest of causes. Of Pfander or his writings, many of our Indian residents may probably have never heard. And if what has been written shall prove the means of leading any of them so to esteem the author, and appreciate the value of his works, as to stir them up to lend effective aid in circulating them throughout the Mohammedan world, one great object which we had in view in this review will have been gained. Dr. Pfander is an ordained minister of the Church of England; and it is by the multiplication of such agents, that this or any other branch of the Christian Church can expect to obtain a secure footing and a permanent ascendancy among the hitherto unreclaimed realms of heathenism.

SUPPLEMENT REGARDING THE Kashf-ul-Astâr li Kasri Miftâh-ul-Asrâr;
or, "Key of Mysteries Shattered."

Since writing the above article we have perused the work published by Syud Ali Hassan, the Mujtahid of Lucknow, to which reference is made at page 33. At its close is printed correspondence which passed between this eminent Apologist and Pfander, who had forwarded his books to him in 1842. The Mujtahid replied, as before stated, in a very courteous


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