Anti-Trinitarians view of the Holy Spirit makes God a Master ventriloquist!
Arian logic means: The Holy Spirit is to God... What our biceps is to us!

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Is God a ventriloquist?
Anti-Trinitarians make God into a master ventriloquist who tricks us into thinking his active force is really a person called the Holy Spirit!

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Why is there a Holy Spirit at all?

  1. Anti-Trinitarians not only reject the Holy Spirit is one of three members of the Godhead, (Trinity) they reject that the Holy Spirit even exists as a person at all! Arians like Jehovah's Witnesses and Christadelphians, for example, call the Holy Spirit "God's active force", "energy", "like electricity". (Click here for more details of their false views of the Holy Spirit) Now we know that God does indeed have what they describe. We deny not that God has an active force of energy like electricity to get things done. We question, however, why God would go to so much trouble to personify his own inherent power to the extent that it has emotions, thoughts and speech INDEPENDANT of Himself. Now we know that Arians would argue that the Holy Spirit never acts independently of the Father, since they are really one and the same thing, but this begs the question. The problem for Arians is to explain why God chose to invent the entire concept of the Holy Spirit at all. Why was it necessary for God to give "electricity" apparent personality, independence, thoughts, the ability to speak like a person and refer to this energy as a "HE"?
  2. If Arians are correct, what God has done in inventing or utilizing the "concept of the Holy Spirit" as His power, is like us doing the same with our biceps muscle. We don't refer to this muscle as a HE, have it engage in discussion, and make it appear it made a decision with a mind of its own to lift something or open a door. Yet this is exactly what Anti-Trinitarians want us to believe about the Holy Spirit. In fact, what Arians suggest God does with his power, amounts to ventriloquism. (Defn: the practice of speaking so that the voice seems to come from some source other then the speaker)
  3. If the Holy Spirit is the personification of God's active force...

    God's Active Force


    Man's Active Force

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    The Holy Spirit is to God...

    What our biceps is to us!

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  4. So, we ask, why would God go to all the trouble of inventing and personifying what appears on the surface to be a separate entity speaking? Why not just say "God said" every time, instead of, "The holy Spirit said"? Jn 16:13, Christ relays a message through the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is not a person this makes the Holy Spirit nothing more than a tape recorder that replays what is said. There are places where the Father and Jesus speak directly to men. Why confuse the simple matter with the Holy Spirit? The same thing in Heb 10:15f. Why would God say the Holy Spirit said this, if the thought really originated with the Father? Again the Holy Spirit is clearly portrayed as a person who speaks, makes choices, witnesses and teaches us. Why would God confuse such a simple matter if the Holy Spirit was nothing more than God's Power?
  5. One final thought, if the Holy Spirit is merely God's active Force, then John 16:7-8 is nonsense. "it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper shall not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you. And He, when He comes, will convict the world..." The disciples already had used "God's active force" in Luke 10:17-21 when the 70 went out performed miracles and cast out demons with the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that the Holy Spirit is the source of the power, will be personally present after Jesus leaves. If the Holy Spirit is mere energy, there is simply no explanation or logic to why He would not come unless Jesus left. 

 Steve Rudd

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