A Father has a great effect upon his children!

"Please, Daddy, Won't You Go!"

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A little girl's bright shining eyes with face aglow,

Says: "Daddy, It's time for church-Let's Go!

They teach us there of Jesus' love, of how he died for all,

Upon the cruel cross to save those who on Him will call."

"Oh, no," said Daddy, "Not today. I've worked hard all week,

And I must have one day of rest; and I'm going to the creek.

For there I can relax and rest; and fishing is fine they say.

So run along; don't bother me, we'll go to church some day."

Well months and years have passed away,

but Daddy hears that plea no more;

"Let's go to Bible school." Those childhood days are over.

And Daddy's grown old, life's almost through,

He finds time to go to church, but what does daughter do?

She says: "Oh Daddy, not today-I stayed up almost all night;

And I've just got to have some sleep, besides I look a fright."

Then Daddy lifts a trembling hand to brush away the tears,

As again he hears the pleading voice, distinctly through the years.

He sees a small girl's shining face upturned, with eyes aglow,

As she says, "It's time for Bible school; please, Daddy, won't you go?"

A Father has a great effect upon his children!

 Father's action

Effect on child

If the father breaks promises.

The child tends to become ungrateful.

If the father never admits being wrong.

The child loses confidence in his leadership.

If the father refuses to ask forgiveness.

The child reacts to his pride.

If the father is too strict in discipline.

The child's spirit is broken.

If the father gives too much freedom.

The child feels unloved and rejected.

If the father does not love his wife.

The child takes defense for his mother.

If the father neglects God's word.

The child rejects the Bible and God's authority.

If the father is a work-a-holic.

The child develops a temporal value system.

If the father disciplines in anger.

The child becomes bitter.

If the father focuses on the outward beauty of others.

The child feels inferior and rejects himself.

If the father has inconsistent standards.

The child disrespects & despises him.

If the father allows his wife to lead.

The child rejects all authority.


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