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What did early Christians believe?
(Before 500AD)
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Uninspired records of how early Christians worshipped and what doctrine they believed!

Important note: This collection of quotations are from early Christians who wrote prior to 400 AD. These writings are not inspired. They are not part of the Bible. They are absolutely not authoritative in determining doctrine. ONLY THE BIBLE, (sola scriptura) is authoritative and inspired. The Bible is our sole guide. However, these quotes do contain an interesting snapshot of the doctrine early Christians believed after the apostolic age. All quotes are sorted by date. But one final warning. Like the Muslim Hadith, there are forgeries within what Christians commonly call the, "Early Church Fathers". Some of the forgeries are obvious, but for others, we really cannot be sure what is forgery and what is genuine. We host the entire collection of Early Church Fathers

Notice this quote from Philip Schaff: More on the Ignatian Forgeries

  1. "It is now the universal opinion of critics, that the first eight of these professedly Ignatian letters are spurious. They bear in themselves indubitable proofs of being the production of a later age than that in which Ignatius lived. Neither Eusebius nor Jerome makes the least reference to them; and they are now by common consent set aside as forgeries, which were at various dates, and to serve special purposes, put forth under the name of the celebrated Bishop of Antioch." (Introductory Note To The Epistle Of Ignatius To The Ephesians)
  2. "The whole story of Ignatius is more legendary than real, and his writings are subject to grave suspicion of fraudulent interpolation." (History of the Christian Church, Philip Shaff, Vol 2, ch 4)
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Having said all this, we hope you enjoy reading the materials here, for at the very least, they do represent real history.

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Reference: Apostolic Fathers:

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Godly living, Sin & morality:

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False religions:

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Prophecy and eschatology:

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Nature of God:

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Church History:
A Biblical View

The history of the church that Jesus Christ established, and the offshoots of that original organization, with particular attention to how these offshoots compare to the biblical description of that original church.

Apostolic Age: (30-100 AD)

Ante Nicene Age: (100-325 AD)

Nicene Age: (325-600 AD)

The middle or Dark Ages: (600-1500 AD)

The reformation age: (1500-1600 AD)

The modern Age: (1600-2000 AD)

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