The Occult And Spiritism

I. Introduction

A. This study in a broader sense applies to any supernatural source of guidance or information apart from God.

1. Ouigi boards, astrology, horoscopes, seances, E.S.P., out of body travel, palm & tea leaf reading, devil worship

2. Some are fake: Col 2:18. Others may be genuine: Ax 16:16. All are condemned!

3. money is always the primary motivation: Micah 3:11; Jer 6:13; 2 Pe 2;1-3; Jude 11

II. The Bible's View

A. General Condemnations:

1. Central passage in the Bible: Deut 18:9-14

a) Jews did not heed warning but violated the commandment: 2 Ki 17:16-18

2. Divination, soothsaying, fortune-telling, mediums, sorcery, spell casting & dreamers condemned:

a) Lev 19:26,31; 20:6; Isa 47:12; Jer 27:9; Micah 5:12

B. Astrology And Development Of Horoscope:

1. Eyes drawn to the stars beauty: Deut 4:19

2. Worship of the stars: 2 Ki 23:5; Rom 1:18-25

3. Prophecy by stars, predict by moon: Isa 47:12-14 4. Terrified by the signs in heavens: Jer 10:2

C. Penalty For Practicing, Death: Ex 22:18

III. Imposters Meet The Real Thing:

A. Pharaohs magicians meet Moses & Aaron: Ex 7:8-13

1. The magicians were merely practicing magic arts, like Houdini

B. The Witch of En-Dor meets Samuel: 1 Sam 28:7-14

1. Notice the witch's reaction when she actually sees a spirit!

C. The Kings Sorcerers Meet Daniel:

1. Sorcerers: Dan 2:1-13,19

2. Daniel: Dan 2:27-30

D. King Ahab's prophets meet Micaiah: 1 Ki 22:1-28

1. The Jews were warned against false prophets and spiritualists: Jer 27:9-10; Ezek 13:1-9

2. Christians today are warned about giving heed to false prophets: 2 Ti 4:2-4; Mt 24:11

E. Simon the sorcerer meets Philip: Ax 8:4-24

l. Today's Pentecostal pastors, faith healers and all who claim to have gifts of the Holy Spirit would react the same as Simon if they actually saw a true miracle worker: Col 2:18

IV. Conclusion:

Today, disobeying God is the same as the sin of divination: 1 Sam 15:23

 By Steve Rudd



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