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Dr. Bible
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"Bible medicine for hurting homes"

We have hundreds of counselors ready to help you in your personal crisis. Bible based advice the best advice you can get! It often differs dramatically from the advice you will get from educators, psychologists, or your friend at work! It is blunt, you may not even like it, but the advice you receive will often fix your problems or make the best of a bad situation! Please correspond with the counselor nearest you by following the instructions below. Remember, this is a personal service from one Christian to you. If you are vague or aloof, the effort your counselor puts into your reply will less than if you tell them your name and the city and state you live in. Personal replies require personal information from you. All we ask if your first name, and the city and state you live in. All correspondence is confidential. Please mention "DR. BIBLE" in your email, and this website when you write!

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