Personality and deity of the Holy Spirit proven!

Personality & deity of the Holy Spirit proven from the Bible





The Holy Spirit in the Bible:

Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Gift of the Holy Spirit

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit


Important Topics on the Holy Spirit

1.       Comforter passages of John 14-15-16

2.       Romans 8 Study

3.       Qualifications of an apostle

4.       Tongues have Ceased



Unitarians and the Personification of the Holy Spirit

False views of the Holy Spirit identified and exposed.

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Play the Holy Spirit game!

(Prove the Holy Spirit is a "He", not an "it"!)

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Is God a ventriloquist?

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Anti-Trinitarians make God into a master ventriloquist who tricks us into thinking his active force is really a person called the Holy Spirit!

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If the Holy Spirit is the personification of God's active force, Then...

God's Active Force:
"The Holy Spirit"


Man's Active Force:

The Holy Spirit is to God...

What our biceps is to us!

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If God talks through his "active force"... We should talk through our "biceps".
Click to ViewLearn to talk through your biceps just like Arians think God talks through the Holy Spirit!
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Anti-Trinitarians hire a laptop computers instead of lawyers when they go to court?
What can a lawyer do in court, that a laptop can't?

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"Your Honor, I object!"
(Anti-Trinitarians lawyer)

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and called Him, "another comforter": ("allos parakletos") Jn 14:16. The word means, "lit., called to one's side, i.e., to one's aid, is primarily a verbal adjective, and suggests the capability or adaptability for giving aid. It was used in a court of justice to denote a legal assistant, counsel for the defense, an advocate; then, generally, one who pleads another's cause, an intercessor, advocate" (Comforter, W. E. Vine) For such a word to be applied to the Holy Spirit demands he is a person. Otherwise it is like taking you "lap top computer" into court instead of your lawyer.

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Buddhists and Anti-Trinitarians pray by machine!

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In Rom 8:26, the Holy Spirit helps us pray, and intercedes on our behalf: "the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered". Wow, that's some machine, one that helps us pray! Perhaps the Buddhists were on to something with their prayer wheels! (left)

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Unitarians refuted verse by verse!
Anti-Trinitarians misuse these passages to prove the Holy Spirit is not a person:



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Anti-Trinitarian proof texts refuted
Click to View#1 The Holy Spirit is the personification of God's power.
Click to View#2 The Holy Spirit is directly called the power of God in Luke 1:35
Click to View#3 The Holy Spirit is neuter gender in scripture proving it is an "it" not a person.
Click to View#4 The Bible calls the Holy Spirit an "it". John 1:32; Rom 8:16,26; 1 Pet 1:11
Click to View#5 The Holy Spirit was poured out, fell upon, filled men. Acts 2:4
Click to View#6 How could the holy spirit fill 120 disciples at the same time?
Click to View#7 The Holy Spirit is used to "anoint" people Acts 10:38
Click to View#8 Whenever the Holy Spirit speaks in one text, another text says other persons were actually speaking.
Click to View#9 The actual Greek "The Spirit the Holy" proves the Holy Spirit is not a person.

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