L. Ron Hubbard, founder

The Church Of Scientology
"If you ain't got money... you can't get their religion"
From broke science fiction writer to founder of Scientology!

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Scientology Legal Harassment Tactics:

Click to View Judges legal condemnation of Scientology
Click to ViewHubbard's Educational credentials exposed!
Click to ViewHarassment letter from a Scientology "Reverend"
Click to ViewAfter 23 years: ex OT-7 Michael Pattinson Speaks out!


Click to View Scientology will cost you $380,000 to be a member! While all other world religions offer "salvation" to everyone without paying a cent, Scientology is only attained with LARGE amounts of money. "If you ain't got money... you can't get their religion"
Click to ViewOnce rich, but still famous Scientology members!
Click to View"make a million dollars: start a religion" Hubbard

Theology of Scientology:

Click to View Christianity and Scientology comparison chart Hear Hubbard say: "there was no Christ"
Click to ViewScientology and the Occult
Click to ViewDid Hubbard think he was the Devil?
Click to ViewScientology's Gnostic roots
Click to ViewDictionary of weird Scientology terms!
Click to View A review of the Creed of Scientology Corporation
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Scientology's Relationship With Eastern Religions
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OT I & OT III & NOTS Documents

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Is Scientology a Religion?

Two Opinion Papers:
YES! Scientology is a Religion
NO! Scientology is not a Religion

Are we misrepresenting Scientology?

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